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    SIZE DN700



    Size DN700


    Class/Table Flange O.D. PCD Bolts Bolt Size Hole Size Minimum Flange Thickness*
    Cast Iron Ductile Iron Copper Alloy Steel
    ASME 150 B16.47 Series A Supersedes MSS-SP44 927.2mm 806.4mm 28 35mm 68.4mm
    ASME 300 B16.47 Series A Supersedes MSS-SP44 1035.1mm 939.8mm 28 44.4mm 85.9mm WN

    90.5mm BL

    ASME Class 600 B16.5 B16.47 Series A Supersedes MSS-SP44 1073.2mm 965.2mm 28 53.8mm 111.3mm WN

    131.9mm BL

    ASME Class 900 B16.5 B16.47 Series A Supersedes MSS-SP44 1168.5mm 1022.3mm 20 79.2mm 142.8mm WN

    171.5mm BL

    ASME 150 B16.47 Series B Supersedes API-605 836.7mm 795.2mm 40 23mm 44.5mm WN

    47.8 BL

    ASME 300 B16.47 Series B Supersedes API-605 920.8mm 857.2mm 36 35mm 89mm
    ASME Class 600 B16.5 B16.47 Series B Supersedes API-605 952.6mm 863.8mm 28 47.7mm 115.9mm
    ASME Class 900 B16.5 B16.47 Series B Supersedes API-605 1105mm 971.5mm 20 73.1mm 147.6mm WN

    166.7mm BL

    ISO7005-1/AS4331.1/.2⑤ PN20 (ANSI 150) 925mm 863mm 28 M33 35.5mm 71.5mm
    ISO7005-1/AS4331.1/.2⑤ PN20 (ANSI 300) 1035mm 940mm 28 M42 45mm 85.5mm
    ISO7005-1/AS4331.1/.2⑤ PN20 (ANSI 600) 1075mm 965mm 28 M52 55mm 111mm
    ISO7005-1/AS4331.1/.2⑤ PN20 (ANSI 900) 1165mm 1022mm 20 M76 80mm 143mm
    ISO7005-1/AS4331.1/.2⑤ PN20 (ANSI 1500)
    ISO7005-1/AS4331.1/.2⑤ PN20 (ANSI 2500)
    AS2129① Table D 910mm 845mm 20 M27 30mm 41mm
    AS2129① Table E 910mm 845mm 20 M30 33mm 57mm
    BS3293 Class 150 927.2mm 863.9mm 28 34.9mm 52.4mm
    BS3293 Class 300 1035mm 940mm 28 44mm 86mm
    BS3293 Class 600 1073mm 965mm 28 54mm 111mm
    BS4504② PN10 895mm 840mm 24 M27

    AS2129 still in use but now only covers Table D to H. Table C now obsolete, Table J to T now replaced by AS4331.1 which is a replication of ISO7500-1 which in turn is equivalent to ASME 150-2500 class ANSI B16.5. AS4331.1 and ISO 7005-1 also incorporates previous DIN PN rated flanging. AS4087 is the new standard covering Table D to H. The same drilling is specified but the PN rating system is used (PN14 to PN35) and in some cases flange thickness varies slightly. AS4087 PN14 & PN16 are the same drilling as AS2129 Table D. AS4087 PN21 is the same drilling and rating as AS2129 Table F. AS4087. AS4087 PN14 & PN16 is the same drilling as AS2129 Table D. AS4087 PN21 is the same rating and drilling as AS2129 Table F and PN35 is the same drilling as Table H. AS4087 specifies raised face in Ductile Iron PN16 & PN35 and flat face in Grey Cast Iron PN14, PN21, PN35. Click here to view full AS4087 flanging dimensions.

    ② British metric standard BS4504 is now obsolete and replaced by EN1092-1 edition 09-2008 for steel flanges which also incorporates DIN2501 standard. EN1092-1 is also published in the British standards as BS-EN1092-1. Flange drillings in EN1092-1 are generally the same as BS4504 but EN1092-1 covers a wider range.

    ⑤ ISO7005-1 & ISO 7005-2 (which AS4331.1 mirrors) replaces DIN 2501 & DIN 2533 and BS4504 PN6 to 40. ISO7005-1 & 7005-2 PN6 to 40 is the same as EN1092-1 (note some flanges thicknesses vary slightly) but also incorporates ANSI flanging redesignated as PN20, PN50, PN110, PN150, PN260, PN420. ISO7005-1/AS4331.1 is steel flanges, ISO7005-2/AS4331.2 is iron flanges, ISO7005-3/AS4331.3 is copper alloy flanges. AS4331.1 is a reproduction of ISO7005-1, AS4331.2 is a reproduction of ISO7005-2, AS4331.3 is a reproduction of ISO7005-3.

    * Varies according to flange type (thickness includes raised face height where applicable) refer to standard

    WN= Weld Neck
    BL= Blind

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